Welfare and Safeguarding

At Cambridge Nomads, we are committed to Safeguarding and Protecting young people at our club.

We therefore adopt England Hockey's Safeguarding Policy and Guidance (SafeD), in essence to promote the welfare of young people and protect them from harm. The Policy sets out the commitments made by England Hockey with regard to safeguarding young people and certain general principles and specific guidance that should be followed by The Hockey Family.

Club Welfare Officer

If in doubt about any concerns to do with behaviour around young people, bullying, communication with or superision of young people in our club, please contact Rachel Gooch on 07918 608040 or welfare@nomadshc.co.uk

We follow England Hockey guidance around photography, specifically,

  • no named photographs for U18s on websites (juniors should not be tagged on Facebook)
  • club photographers are registered with the club welfare officer
  • captains and umpires are encouraged to challenge any unidentified photographers on the sideline
  • if any opposition asks for photographs not to be taken, then we should stop immediately

We are happy to receive feedback or comments at any time.


Safeguarding Contacts for Club Members - Help & Assistance


Safeguarding Policy and Guidance (SafeD) - Adopted by Nomads 2018